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Merrily Smith

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#84 No Craving Weightloss

#81 Tesla Energy Lights II

#80 Ghosts keeping you Broke?
~Colin RYane

#79 Balance in UnBalanced World
~Dr OM Prakash

#78 One Answer to Cancer
~ Dale Maxwel

#77 'A new Look at Iodine'
~ John Brookshire

#76 'Unleash our natural Healing Power'
~Dr Virgil Chrane

#75 'Aloe's Secretes' prt 2
Scott Siegel

#74 'Cranial Sacral' Dr Andrew Fryer, MD

#73 'Bank Holidaze' ~Colin Ryane

#72  Aloe's Secrets ~
Scott Siegel

#71 Vivian Castleberry ~Peacemaker

#70 Moonlady ~Amy Martin

#69 Expand Ur Creativity ~ The Artist's Way & The Weight Code ~ Jeanie Brosius

#68 "All Relationships -the freedom to Choose"
Lynda Wooding...

#67 Essential Oils - 20 yrs with Yong Living oils ~ Knittles

#66 "Chocolate is a Raw a Food" ~ Miranda Martinez

#65 "Cook not Kill, Food" ~Kevin Jellerson

#64 Anti-aging, Anti-Illness

#63 "Your Local City" ~Marketing
with Tonya Hoffman

#62 'Spiritual Mail Carrier'
 ~Nancy Marlowe | Medium

#61 Gentle Life Healing ~Dr Carol Cole, Ph.D.

#60 All can Advertise here ~ Colin Ryane

#59  Fibromyalgia to Heath Nutrition for all~ Tonja Wells

#58 Get what U want ~Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll

#57 RA Defiant ~Roseline Bodiford

#56 Holistic Dentistry- 'A Passion for service' Dr. Henry Guy, DDs

#55  Peace Project - Donna Collins

#54 Meta-Match.com a Spiritual Social Networking site.

#53 Myth Investigator ~ William Henry

#52  Parris Afton Bonds - My Passion

#51 Numerology w Jean-Pierre Khordoc

#50 Near Death Exp. wtih Prof. Jan Holden, PhD

#49 Feng Shui ~Alexandra Shaw

#48 The Gentle Way ~ Tom T Moore

#47 "Tesla Energy Lights" ~ Aeron Goldheart

#46 Astrology 2009 with Rose Marie

#45 "Using Essential Oils" with Rhavda Emison

#44 "A Holistic Energy Plan" T. Boone Pickens

#43 "Colin's response on how to be healthy in the face of a major epidemic"

#42 "2009 predictions" ~Joni Patry

#41 "Iodine" ~ John Brookshire

#40 "Colin's year on Cancer" ~ Colin Ryane

#39 "Power of Inner Guidance" ~ Dr Pam Garcy

#38 "Herbalist for All Seasons" ~Diane Hackett

#37 "Nature of a healer" ~Greg Joseph

#36 "Sacred Shamanic Journeys You can take" ~Maria Gurule

#35 Tibetan Yoga 5 Rites for Longevity

#34 Mexican Art & Culture in TX

#33 Thermography = non radiation breast check up

#32 "New Thought in the South" ~Dr Petra

#31  Wild Alaskan Salmon

#30 "Sisterhood of the Rose'

#29 Sacred Feminine ~Judy Gillentine

#28 Kat's view 2008 & beyond -She sees it all...

#27 Russell ~ Angel Therapist ® "My Story & My life"

# 26 2008 Forecast ~ Elexis Rice Astrology & more...

#25  David Spina on grounded holistic residual income

#24 Immuno enzymes & Dark Field Microscopy Ron K Schneider

#23 James Clark
Spirituality & Economics

#22 Merrily Smith "Sparkling Soul Symbols"

#21 Michael Gott, Musician

# 20 Dr Nancy French - 'Power of Dowsing'

# 9 5 Interviews + Tan Ren Healing by Joyce Smith

#18 "Free Publicity" by Jeff Crilley Fox4 - Dallas

#17 "The Secret" revealed - It's all in the Numbers with Lori Bach

#16 "Let's Talk Stars" with Rose Mare - Intuitive Astrologer

#15  Your Hair can be Read or Red-Michael Motorcycle

#14 Kangen Water - so, the Body heals itself? " lost 20 # s -in 2 months."

#12 Black Mold Exposure, plastic in the body - both Nasty....

#11 John Lipinski - "Off the Reservation" Wingmakers+

#10  5 Interviews at Holistic Meet Up

#9 Colin Ryane "Nada Yoga ~ the Science of Sound"

#8 Kathryn Perry - "Theta Healing" - down to your DNA

#7  Merrily Smith -"The Other Side of Living"... NDE

#6 Aeron Goldheart "Tesla Energy"

#5  Holistic Healing with Tamela Johnston,

#4  Rob Wilson "Cowboy -Wisdom"

Donna Matus ~"Huna-Aloha™"

#1   Colin Ryane "Holistic Marketing":

  Create your own legend with a website by Pro Epic.



Colin Ryane Holistic Radio show Host
Colin Ryane

Try some

Chunyi Lin

Qi Gong Classes
with Co - Host  of the www.HolisticRadioShow.com
Colin Ryane
Dallas, TX areas

A Breath of Yoga in Carrollton, TX entry Pic 'A Breath of Yoga'  LLC    214-770-4095
Gentle & Restorative Yoga classes, prenatal yoga
Teachers Training
Advanced Yoga, too
www.ABreathofYoga.net  ~ Workshop space rentals available
Anne Patterson welcomes you 
QiGong,   Meditation,    Yoga 4 Golfers,   Tantra Hatha Yoga
1101 S Broadway St, Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75006 on the Square

Old Carrollton Square (Downtown Carrollton - Beltline & I 35 area)
6 week course $90 begins  June 3
4 P - 5:45 P
Call 469-361-6258

Various Classes and locations through out Dallas, & Mid Cities

What is Qi Gong?
Qi ( Chee) is energy,
we re-energize your body, Heart, and Spirit by:

  • Breathing

  • Gentle movements (see samples below:)

  • Sound

  • Mental Focus

 Try SFQ Now


Get your energy moving with these two, simple,
Spring Forest
Qigong Active Exercises.


Click on either image to watch the video 


Just follow along as Chunyi Lin guides you through the movements



< Moving of Yin & Yang


Helpful Tips:


Breathe slowly,

gently, deeply
Let your body relax

Breathing of the Universe >

Focus on feeling
the energy


 You can do these movements

standing, sitting or lying down




Chunyi Lin designed all Spring Forest Qigong Active Exercises to get your body’s energy flowing, enhance the flow of your energy, open any energy blockages you may have, and bring your energy back into balance.


Having balanced, smoothly flowing energy is the key to experiencing and maintaining your optimal health and wellness.


Each Active Exercise also provides a specific additional benefit.


The Moving of Yin and Yang exercise is specifically focused to help heal your internal organs.


The Breathing of the Universe exercise is specifically focused to help heal your lungs and skin and balance the energy outside your body as well as inside.


In Chinese teaching there are two types of energy – Yin & Yang. Everything in the universe is comprised of Yin & Yang energy. You can think of them as female and male or like the positive and negative charges of a magnet or battery.


One of the reasons we can get sick is that our Yin & Yang energies are out of balance. All Spring Forest Qigong techniques are designed to bring your Yin & Yang energies back into balance to help you be the best you can be.


More Helpful Tips:


As you breathe in gently draw your stomach in a little


As you breathe out let your stomach out


Breathing this way increases the communication

of your Yin & Yang energies


Gently place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth

Your tongue is the “switch”

that connects your body’s two main energy channels


Keep your hands and fingers open


When you open your hands and fingers

you open your energy channels


When you close your hands and fingers

you close your energy channels



The Holistic Radio Show is about taking the whole being into consideration: body, mind, spirit, heart, & environment.

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